With the easy availability of online store builders and the ease of designing a store, people look website themes online. The world of internet is like a magic hole where you can find anything related to everything. There are many websites that offer themes for an e-commerce website. The website themes can be easily bought from the stores. There are many websites that offer e-commerce templates for free. These templates for websites contains features that can help in establishing a wonderful and fully functional e-commerce website. Some of the website templates that can be used for setting up an online shopping website are:

  • SOLO: This theme is a very simple and elegant and used by e-commerce stores that have small or medium sized inventories. The store created through this template is simple to use with features like image switching and an option to edit and create homepage updates.
  • BROOKLYN: The theme is an amazing template that helps in establishing a very interactive and highly responsive website template. The template works perfectly on all devices with all kinds of resolutions. The super adjusting feature of the template makes it a very frequent choice among the web designers. The color schemes, themes and font type and font size can all be edited later on as per requirements.
  • SUPPLY: Supply is a theme that is usually used by stored that have large inventories. The templates make it easier to browse through the wide select of items available. There is an option of adding multiple home pages, and adding a side search bar on the home page. The template can also be easily synced with the apps that offer the facility of product reviews.
  • NEW STANDARD: This theme helps in developing a very clean interface of an interactive website. There is no clutter. The theme is highly responsive in case of mobile apps as well. The fonts, and themes can be adjusted as and when required. The theme also contains the option of featured products and much more.
  • MINIMAL: This theme is extra ordinary as it has perfect features ideal for an e commerce store. The theme contains responsive add-ons and allows the web store owner to customize according to their own needs and demands. The store interface contains colorful details and allows the owner to customize. The store has a huge flexibility and picturesque images that are very captivating.

These themes are some of the most trending website templates that can be found easily on the internet for download. These templates can be integrated easily into other online selling platforms as well.