Being a new WordPress user, it is normal to get scary when the thought of playing with the code comes; but you can hinder it by using simple things like you can customize the appearance and perspective of your site with zero chance of tragedy. Here are some recommendations to let you edit WordPress ecommerce themes:

Create Child Themes

Stay away from making any changes directly. It is highly suggested to use a child theme to apply theme customization. Inventing child themes and sweating with offline files are the low-risk ways to make any alterations to the code. While working by this way secures you from getting any worries, with the fact that if anything happens to the site your original files are ready to re-upload and save you from writing off the changes.

Child theme that mimics the working and design of parent theme and through it you can add latest functionality or alter any style without affecting PARENT THEME. To fabricate child theme, all you can do is to create a folder and a file. File should be saved with suffix of “.css” as style.css, make a code with generic information, use a template line and then change the parent line to match with parent theme. After these changes, insert child theme to your WordPress installation and upload it with the folder. As soon as folder is uploaded, start activating child theme as your themes portion of your WordPress dashboard.

Edit the Style.css File

From now on, only edit the style.css theme to bring any design changes while keeping the parent theme constant. With the insertion of code to your style.css file, changes can occur:

  • To alter color scheme of your website
  • To decrease or increase text size
  • To switch sections of the site around (such as the navigation bar)
  • To bring change in Layout of design

Prefer custom code over plugin

Through Plugin use, you are able to modify your website and anything what you want to. But due to plugin load time of website decreases, in spite of this if custom code is introduced on correct files then things will get neat without effecting load time of website.

Installing plugin is unhealthy for your website as it affects its speed. Plugins require potential security issues if not updated by developer, additional codes and files, with the same result that can be easily obtained using simple extra lines of code.