1. What e-commerce templates will I use, free or paid?

The debate on free vs. paid themes for an e-commerce website is still on. While a free theme reduces the barrier to starting a business because you do not require money to get them, the question that immediately strikes is why they are free? Contrary to the popular notion that free themes are of inferior quality, there are high-quality WordPress themes. However, the cons are that they have limited support options, features, and functionality.

2.  Which of the website themes have the desired features for my online store?

Navigation is an important aspect of an online store. The theme should have an easily understood navigation so that your site visitors get whatever they want hassle-free. It should feature a clear path from navigation to check out. The theme should be quick loading and also be compatible with all devices and screen sizes.

3.  Which templates for websites provide the best product display

Another factor that’s at the heart of an online store is the ability to display products. Product pages are what drives the customer to make the purchase. For example, if you are selling shoes, the customer should be able to view the shoe from different angles to establish say the size of the toe, the sole the shoe has, the laces, and other features of the shoe. Such a display using quality photography can drive customers to buy the product.

4.  Which themes for e-commerce website are my competitors using?

You cannot stay aloof from your competition. You have to research and find out what themes your competitors are using, and particularly, try to establish why they are using them. It may be that a favorite theme has some advantages for the particular segment. If that is the case, you can adopt the theme as well. Otherwise, it is advisable to appear unique but not at the expense of the business.

5.  How many products will I display on my e-commerce platform?

When you go looking for the perfect theme for your website, it is paramount that you consider how many products you are going to display. If it’s a large e-commerce platform with a collection of items, then, you will need features such as the hover effect so that when you move the cursor over a product image, the image changes to show an alternate product, custom text or both.

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